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smart living spaces granny annexe

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Imagine if your daily commute was just a short walk to the bottom of your garden – to a bright, warm, welcoming home office. No traffic jams, cancelled trains (or annual season ticket rises!) You could use the time you’ve saved to do something you want to do. Smart Living Spaces can make your dream a reality – with one of our SIPs-built, fully insulated Garden Buildings.

Our Garden Buildings provide a professional environment to work in, meet clients, or even set up a new business – entirely separate from your main home. At the end of the day you can lock up and leave it behind, physically and mentally. And it will cost you considerably less than a traditional extension. Of course, it doesn’t have to be an office; it could be a workroom or other business space. We can set up your Garden Building just the way you want it.

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It’s always good to have your own space to retreat to, to enjoy some much needed ‘me time’. Even better if it’s out of the house, away from distractions. Our Garden Building is the perfect place for yoga sessions or meditation. Why not set it up as a quiet reading nook or to host a reading group. Or simply use it as a place to chill.

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Picture a family games room, a home cinema complete with popcorn machine, a den for your teenagers to hang out in.

Perhaps you’d like a dedicated space to paint or craft, with windows placed specifically to catch the best light. Add state of the art soundproofing to turn your Garden Building into a music rehearsal space or home recording studio – or somewhere to play your record collection really loud!

Maybe your idea of ‘play’ is a good workout in your own private home gym. No problem. Built for all year round use, a Smart Living Spaces Garden Building opens up a world of possibilities.

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Smart Living Spaces - Garden Buildings before and after conversionSmart Living Spaces Garden Buildings are built using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and typically take 2 to 4 weeks to complete. Built to a maximum footprint of 30 square metres, they include electrics and heating as standard. Above and beyond that, it’s up to you which extras and finishes you want to include. If you’d like to go even further and add kitchen and bathroom facilities, take a look at our Granny Annex option.


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